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HOLLYWOOD REPORTER John DeFore: A slapstick apocalypse with two sharp comedic leads.

VARIETY Amy Nicholson: It's the end of the world in Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson's charming survivalist rom-com. At least their hapless couple has wine.

THE NEW YORK TIMES Kristen Yoonsoo Kim:  Alien Invasion in the Smartphone Generation. 

THE NEW YORKER Anthony Lane: Trailblazers "The Glorias" and "Save Yourselves"

PUNCH DRUNK CRITICS John Nolan: ‘Save Yourselves!’, A Hilarious Alien Invasion Comedy That Needs To Be On Your Radar

TIME MAGAZINE Save Yourselves! Is an Engaging, Timely Sci-Fi Comedy About the Need to Unplug
VULTURE Bilge Ebiri: Save Yourselves! Is a Small, Charming Comedy About the Apocalypse

ASSOCIATED PRESS Jocelyn Noveck: NYC Hipsters Bake Bread, Eat Quinoa, Fight Aliens.

THE WRAP Alonso Duralde: Brooklynites Face Relationship Angst and Alien Invasion

CHICAGO SUN TIMES Richard Roeper: It’s millennials vs. extraterrestrials in a wry social comedy




VULTURE Rachel Handler: "Save Yourselves" filmmakers on their version of the end of the world.

WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD Cody Corrall: Sundance 2020 Women Directors: Meet Eleanor Wilson

WASHINGTON POST Stephen Zeitchik: A new film imagines a disaster-based lockdown. It was made in 2019.

FORTUNE Radhika Marya: Inside ‘Save Yourselves!’—a socially distant comedy for our times

SCREEN RANT Joe Deckelmeier: Eleanor Wilson & Alex Huston Fischer Interview: Save Yourselves!

NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW Q&A with Alex Huston Fischer & Eleanor Wilson


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