The Low Road Collective was an experiment in group filmmaking in October 2017. Writer/directors Ryan Bradley, Darren McInerney, Judith C Posey, John Posey, Suzi Sadler, and Eleanor Wilson worked together for two weeks at one location (Low Road, Sharon CT) to create 5 short films, pooling skills, gear and favors from other crew who participated for a day or two. They also ate a lot of dinners.


White Trash - Writer/Dirs. Judith C. Posey & Darren McInerney, DP Gabe Harden, Starring Judith C. Posey, Darren McInerney, John Posey & Ellen Posey

Moonbound/ Surface Tension - Writer/Dir. Suzi Sadler, DP Jack McDonald, Starring Eleanor Wilson & Samantha Jones

Perfect - Writer/Dir. Ryan Bradley, DP Suzi Sadler, Starring Ryan Bradley

The Pitch - Writer/Dir. John Posey, DP Suzi Sadler, Starring John Posey, Darren McInerney & Judith C. Posey

Low Road - Writer/Dir. Eleanor Wilson, DP Suzi Sadler, Starring Eleanore Pienta, Iva Gocheva & Ryan Bradley